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PipelineMT Security

Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers indicate whether SSL security is enabled by displaying a padlock icon in the bottom of the browser window. Although a locked padlock is a pretty good indication of SSL being enabled, it is not a foolproof indication since SSL can sometimes be operating on a site even when the locked padlock does not appear.

On PipelineMT secure pages are frames within other frames. Since the padlock only indicates the security of the outside frames, the padlock does not appear locked. PipelineMT frames SSL pages inside non-SSL frames in order to prevent the browser from popping up dialogue boxes that alert the user that SSL is enabled. These pop-up dialogue boxes are a distraction for the majority of PipelineMT users. Hovering your mouse over the login page and right clicking will allow you to view Properties (IE) or View Frame Info (Netscape) which shows that SSL is enabled.

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